You didn’t know last night that you were violating a survivor.

Maybe you thought it would be okay because I was wearing a see through top.

Maybe you thought it was fine because,

“It’s not like I did anything physical.”

Maybe you thought pushing me up against my car door, groping my breasts was acceptable.

Maybe you thought verbally shaming me is sexy and a turn on.

Maybe you thought,

“She’s sober, she could stop this if she wanted to.”

Maybe you thought my “No” meant,

“Of course go right ahead, I’m playing hard to get.”

Maybe you thought I had depth perception issues when I evaded your attempts to kiss.

Maybe you didn’t think.

Maybe you don’t care.

You didn’t know last night that I’d heard it all before.

That I look like a victim.

That I’m a tease.

That I’m a slut.

Bottom line: That I’m asking for it.

I wasn’t.

Daily Post: Obvious



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  1. I am giggling.. I am sorry. The post was not funny.
    But I absolutely love your ‘about the author’ insight. Big fan of Phoebe. Cats? 🙂
    Good stuff xx

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  2. This is one of those really poignant times where a ‘like’ feels almost…unsuitable for the message and real emotion. I didn’t ‘like’ your writing, it made me feel dark and created this vivid pain and twisted agony. I didn’t think to ‘like’, I thought I wanted to say ‘thank you for making me feel in such a deep way’.

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  3. Thank you for all of the support! This is a very raw piece for me, but I’m glad to have elicited such feelings!


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