I remember the new car smell

the new car smell on him,

warm sun cascading down on us in a car we couldn’t afford.

But we sat back, and basked in the delusion

I remember the wetness

the wetness on my cheek,

falling down to mix with his, a riot on our faces.

The tightening around my windpipe as every foreign sob ripped through me.

I admitted I wasn’t strong

I remember the music

the music wrapping around us,

a multitude of notes and cadences, some mine some others.

The exhilaration of not hearing my voice, but one thousand raised in praise.

suddenly not alone

I remember the boldness

the boldness of his feet,

seeping cold penetrating the paradise of my sunshine mix-matched socks.

The only protection I had

I remember the snow

the snow on his back,

as he turned away to leave.

I shivered for the loss of something


I remember the stomach sinking,

I remember the anxious waiting,

I remember the glass shattering highs,

I remember the easy pleasure,

I don’t remember him.

Daily Prompt


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  1. Phoebe Buffet is one of my favorite people too. I bet she never has a truly bad day and no one ever looks for a reason to hurt her.


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