Quick Sestina

In a small town there is a powerful man

who, on many occassions, is called on to fix

the various problems of the people.

He sees not the world but its potential,

and descends to cultivate

and create where once was void.


There are many kinds of voids

in this small town where the man

must further create and cultivate:

the lovelost, like drug addicts’ fix

the lazy, downtrodden potential

the problems as seen by the people.


As for him, the townspeople

rule their endless void

rue their endless potential,

and often call on the man

not buildings to fix

but outcasts to cultivate.


Sometimes his crops do not cultivate

failure to the townspeople

he is unable to fix.

Does he then enter the void?

a broken and useless man

taken down by potential?


In others we have seen potential

those who can continue to cultivate.

Did they learn from the man,

or from watching the people?

Were they in the void,

waiting to be fixed


until they realized “fix”

is a dam to “potential”,

and their “void”

need not be cultivated

for use by the people

through the man.


Feelings cannot be fixed, only cultivated.

Potential controlled by the people,

the void filled by a useless man.



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