A long time ago, alright so 2002, I was in the fourth grade. My dad had just been deployed to Iraq on a special mission and I was having trouble coping. My fourth grade teacher at the time, Mrs. Wheeler, introduced me to poetry and encouraged me to try and write things. I already had an innate sense of rhyming and I was constantly walking around creating parodies to jingles and tunes, the Freeland version of Weird Al. So the idea stuck. I began by only writing structured poems, Odes, Sonnets, and Sestinas. The structure was something I needed in my life and helped me hone my own voice. Maybe it’s why all my poetry now sounds extremely Gothic Romantic, I taught myself using Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Poe, and Lord Byron.

Anyway, I continued this love of writing all the way to college where I minored in Creative Writing, completing more than half of the required credit hours in high level poetry classes. This does not mean my poetry is “good”, good is a relative term. To one person dark chocolate may be sultry, decadent, and “good”, but to another it may be bitter, overwhelming, and not “good”. Same with poetry. As I’ve told people before, there is no right or wrong.

So, here is where I’ll attach my poems. I think I’ll put a little blurb at the end of what I was getting at, but honestly, interpret them as you will. Leave a comment too if you have critiques or if you interpreted it differently! As with all things, don’t be a dick. If what you’re saying isn’t constructive, don’t leave it.

Happy Reading!



Maybe: Trigger warnings for sexual assault.

Gentle Musings

Be not Afraid

Tiddy Oggy









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